The relationship with our clients and team members is the foundation to the quest for excellence. Our dedication and commitment to delivering a quality product tends to create a magical bond with our clients and team members that result in a friendship lasting much longer than just the construction phase.


Inspiring everyone involved in the project to deliver extraordinary results. landmark has earned a reputation for superior quality construction. they focus their expertise in meticulous project management, innovative design and environmental awareness. landmark's progressive approach to residential construction has brought them to the forefront in the industry and has made them a highly sought-after company for high quality custom homes in the joplin area


Dedicating ourselves to the smallest of details throughout the entire project. Working with quality people and building quality projects is what each landmark team member was called to do. It’s not about “going to work”, it’s about doing what we love to do each and every day and surrounding ourselves with positive people that make a difference in the lives of everyone involved.


Exceeding the expectation of honesty, quality and commitment. “HOME” – the very word engages the heart. At landmark home builders, inc, we understand that building is a journey of the heart, an expression of you. That journey is incomplete until the small things have been attended to and the customer is fully satisfied


Committed to delivering an exceptional product on time, on budget and on quality. When the goal is clear; quality, distinction, and value – construction becomes more than a trade, it becomes an art. We unite your vision with superior design, traditional materials and state of the art systems to create the masterpiece you have always dreamed of. Our philosophy is a home should be an extension of the owner's "one of a kind personality".